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XLQUATTRO: Perfect workhorse light that runs on 8 AA batteries! A combination of power and ruggedness, our XL-Quattro Xtreme LED dive light delivers an 8 degree concentrated hot spot and a 55 degree periphery beam angle with exceptional light intensity inside a hard-anodized shell. 8AA batteries power this light in a sleeved battery holder. The XL-Quattro is sold with a durable aluminum lantern-style handle and lanyard. This light is not only made of high grade aluminum, but it is double o-ring sealed and uses a magnetic slider switch with hi/lo output options. These features make the XL-Quattro a durable, rugged dive light and one of Bigblue’s most popular lights. XLQUATTRO
MSRP $199.99 NOW $49.99!
Light Source:
4 x LED
Light Output:
1,000 lumens
Casing Material:
Aluminum Alloy, hard anodized
Power Source:
8 x AA alkaline batteries 1.5V
Safety Designs:
Thermal protection system prevents the light from overheating
Angle Of Light Beam:
8 degree hot spot, 55 degree periphery
Color Temperature:
Burn Time:
1.7 hrs full lumens output at Hi, 2.5 hrs at Lo
Maximum Depth:
100m tested
74 x 221mm (D x L)
939g (including batteries)
-324g (including batteries)
Switching System:
Magnetic sliding switch
Front Glass:
Tempered optical glass
Lantern Handles:
Lantern grip included (removeable)
Package Weight Lbs: